About Elite

Based in Leesburg, FL, minutes away from the golf car capital of the world, Elite Enclosures is a leading manufacturer of high quality, custom weather enclosures for the golf, consumer and commercial vehicle markets.  With golf car dealers realizing the tremendous value that premium enclosures add to their business, Elite excels in providing our customers with a superior combination of quality, service and value.

Boasting a pattern library of over 350 enclosures, and utilizing the best marine grade quality materials and components, Elite Enclosures are built to last in extreme environments. In addition to our traditional roll-up enclosures, we now offer the markets first “Slide” enclosure for ease of ingress and egress. Through a national network of independent Elite wholesalers, we are positioned to meet the growing market demand for fashion and comfort throughout the weather enclosure market.

Started in June of 2003 as a small entrepreneurial company, Elite Enclosures became part of The Columbia Vehicle Group in 2015, a subsidiary company of the Nordic Group (www.nordicgroup.com). Supported by their financial prowess and market experience, we are poised for tremendous growth in the future.

We welcome the opportunity to meet your greatest enclosure challenges.

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