Strong and Durable Black Nylon Keder Welt

Originally developed for the marine industry, our Keder Welt is extremely strong, durable and easier for going in & out of track. With its nylon cover, it will not break or crack as easily as a plastic/rubber Keder Welt.

20 MIL Clear Vinyl

We use a crystal clear, double polished vinyl that is polished with U.V. inhibitors. This makes in longer lasting and provides for better visibility

Serged Seams

We serge all of our pieces together to give our enclosures a true finished seam inside and out. This makes the enclosure very durable, and will not fray like inferior enclosures.

#10 YKK Black Coil Chain and Separating Zippers

We use a UV resistang, #10 size for strength and durability. Our larger tooth zippers help with smoothness, ease of operation and are longer lasting than inferior brands.

Aluminum Tubing

Instead of a plastic frame that tends to break over time, we use marine-grade aluminum tubing for our club covers.  Our aluminum tubing is ridged, and does not wiggle or rattle, eliminating a noise nuisance.

Easy Action Stainless Steel Snaps

We use non-painted snaps to eliminate fading and paint chip off. We also use a UV rated thread for a long lasting enclosure. Non UV rated thread tends to break after a period of time

Acrylic Material

We use a 9.25 ounce, marine-grade, solution-dyed acrylic material which is water resistant and will not fade as quickly as inferior materials.

Sunbrella Binding with No Raw edges

We use black Sunbrella binding around all of our edges for added durability. Unlike a vinyl binding, this will not crack and/or tear from the natural elements.

Aluminum Track

We use a marine grade anodized aluminum awning track. This is used to mount an enclosure to the roof of the cart.

Clear Rear Lamp Cover

With safety in mind, all of Elite’s enclosures have clear covers over all the lamps for easy visibility.

Two Hole Stud

Two hole studs provide positive locking which enables the stud to be held in position by a spring until turned by hand. This is used to prevent accidental opening.

Side Curtain Inside Straps

With ease of use in mind, we designed our Slide enclosure to have webbing straps sewn in the inside of each side curtain. While driving into inclement weather you do not have to get out of the cart to close up your enclosure. You are able to pull the sliding side curtains forward without ever leaving your seat.

Slide Enclosure In Motion

Our Slide enclosure is made with small sections of keder welt that slides from left to right with ease in our aluminum track.

Grocery Bag

Our Grocery Bags are used on all makes and models with a bag rack/attachment. These are used for extra storage while driving around in your cart. Our Grocery Bags are made in a plastic coated black textilene transport fabric. Transport fabrics are tough. Designed for extreme outdoor use. This fabric is strong, durable and breathable. Textilene fabrics will withstand extreme weather conditions (-30° F to 110° F).

Elite Customers’ Enclosures